Lessons at Witham Villa Riding Centre 2018

Call us now on 01455 282694 to book your lesson

Private lessons adults and children

£50.00 per hour

£38.00 For ¾

£27.00 per ½ hour

Semi private lessons adults and children

1 hour lesson

£32.50 per person for up to 2 people

£28.50 per person 3 - 4 people

¾ hour lesson (between 8am-4pm)

£28 per person for up to 2 people

£24.50 per person (3-4 people)

 ½ hour lesson

£22.00 per person for up to two people

£20.00 person (3-4 people)

Class lessons 

Adult (16 years and over)                                                 Children (15 years and under)                             

£24.50 per hour                                                                 £22.50 per hour

£19.00 per ¾                                                                      £18.50 per ¾ hour

                                                                                          £15.50 per ½ hour

Dressage lessons with Verity Saul

On own horse On a Witham horse

£30.00 per ½ hour £31.50

£45.00 per ¾ hour £47.50


School hire

½  £18 for 1 horse - £11 for 2 or more horses

1 hour £35 per horse - £18 for 2 or more horses 


Hat and boot hire = £1.00 each - £1.50 for both

BHS TRAINING AVAILABLE for stages 1, 2 and 3 and PTT call for details of times and prices 

Gift Vouchers Are available on request, the ideal gift for someones birthday or Christmas.

Hours of Business:  Monday Closed.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8.30am to 9:30pm Sat & Sun 9:00am to 4:30pm.



We encourage our riders to meet their own individual goals, whether it is to master the rising trot, or achieve the medium trot! Or to jump a cross pole, or a 5 bar gate!

We teach all abilities from the age of 4 upwards either on an individual, semi-private or class lesson basis for half hour or one hour sessions. All lessons are taught by suitable trained instructors. CLICK HERE to find out more.  

Lessons need to be booked as we have a daily timetable of differing lesson standards, and we need to ensure that each client attends the most appropriate lesson for their age and ability.  All of our lessons are progressive and we have the RAINBOW Award Scheme with certificates and rosettes awarded on achievement of each level.

Approved Pony Club Centre. Witham Villa has been a registered Pony Club Centre since 2002. During this time we have run an extensive program of activities and special events, including training for badges and tests. Centre Membership provides the opportunity for members to be part of the National Pony Club, learn more about riding and horse and pony care. They can work toward gaining Achievement Badges (there are over 40, including mini badges, covering a range of subjects) and Pony Club Tests in Riding, Stable Management and Riding and Road Safety.

 Approved British Riding Club Centre Witham Villa is a registered Riding Club Centre enabling our non-horse owning adult clients to take part in competitions and to learn more about horse care.

BHS approved exam centre offering exams and training to stage 3 and PTT 

Please continue to scroll down to “Download Area” to download Witham Villa Rider Registration Form, which needs to be completed prior to riding at Witham Villa